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Outwitting the Devil
Subtitle: The Secrets to Freedom and Success
by Napoleon Hill, Annotated Sharon L. Lechter

Napoleon Hill, one of the best-selling self-help authors of all time whose teachings have influenced entire generations of success seekers, wrote this profound and provocative book in 1938 just after the publication of his all-time best-seller, Think and Grow Rich. But Outwitting the Devil was withheld from release because it was considered too controversial by his family and advisors. Hill’s insights on breaking through inhibitions and living a life free from fear, doubt, and dependency remained mostly unseen—until now.

More than seven decades later, Sharon Lechter—one of our leading motivational thinkers—has edited and interpreted Hill’s manuscript for contemporary readers, revealing proven strategies that allow us to break free from the Devil’s influence and live the abundant and successful life we deserve. 

This book reveals that the Devil—after being outwitted by legendary success guru Hill—relinquishes his secrets about the hidden methods of control that can lead us to ruin. It offers a perceptive look at how we hand over our fates to negative thoughts, passive acceptance, and physical pain, and identifies the greatest obstacles we face in reaching personal goals: fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy.

Hill’s aim was, in his own words, to help “unlock the doors of the self-made prisons in which men and women are confined.” Outwitting the Devil does just that. And because it was written at a time when the world was emerging from a severe financial meltdown and facing a global conflict, it has a surprising relevance to our own time of economic and political uncertainty.

Three Feet From Gold
Subtitle: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities!
by Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid

In Three Feet from Gold, Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid have written a remarkable business allegory with a powerful message that resonates especially in times of economic downturn: never give up, you could be three feet from gold—the greatest success of your life.  This book will not only inspire you to believe in yourself, but also provides an invaluable equation for personal success based on advice from top entrepreneurs, and a practical workbook for finding your own path to achievement.

A century ago Napoleon Hill began the research that ultimately resulted in his extraordinary bestseller Think and Grow Rich. Since its publication in 1937, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide, Think and Grow Rich has inspired generations of men and women to turn their dreams into reality with its wise and effective principles of self-motivation, leadership, service, and achievement culled from Hill’s interviews with visionaries of his day. Now, a hundred years later, in Three Feet from Gold, a young entrepreneur whose life is falling apart finds himself retracing Hill’s steps following a serendipitous encounter with a powerful businessman who sees the young man’s potential and sets him on a challenging journey of personal, spiritual, and financial growth.

Sharon—entrepreneur, successful business woman and co-author of the best-selling Rich Dad series of books—and Greg—himself a successful author, CEO, and in-demand motivational speaker—have given us more than the story of one man’s dogged pursuit of success. They deliver an effective equation for accomplishing goals that calls for combining passion and talent, taking action with the right association, and above all else, having faith that you are on the right path.

OPM / Other People’s Money
Subtitle: The Ultimate Leverage
by Michael A. Lechter

Open your eyes to the endless possibilities for fulfilling the capital needs of your business – whether that business is pre-start-up, emerging, or established. Don't let anyone tell you that “it takes money to make money.” A million dollar idea ALWAYS has a shot a delivering a million dollar return. You just need to know when and how to use Other People's Money and Resources. OPM and OPR are the stepping stones of the path to riches.

We all have ideas. They become valuable assets when we protect them, define them, develop them, and leverage them. Some of the very best ideas, I’d venture, never see the light of day – let alone the true potential for million dollar returns – because the individual who thought of them didn’t know where to begin in terms on capitalizing upon them. They believed it when someone told them that “it takes money to make money.”

This book is content rich – and for good reason. A “good idea,” for a business, an invention, a process, or even an improvement, is really only as good as our ability to turn that concept into reality.

In writing this book we took great pains to overview a wide variety of types and sources of OPM and OPR. But more than that, it was our goal to spur strategic thinking and analysis. A great idea is only the beginning. Understanding how you can bring it to life by securing the necessary funds or resources takes research, planning, strategic thinking and creativity.

The questions posed throughout this book were created and positioned not only to underscore the scope and variety of sources of OPM and OPR, but to help emphasize how that strategic thinking, timing, positioning, marketing and creativity can play key roles. There is strategy involved in choosing type of OPM or OPR, finding the right source, and securing the funds or resources necessary to turn an idea into a viable business. This book is intended to help you see how planning and pacing – in your search and negotiation for OPM – can enable you to own and control a greater interest in the business venture you created.

You are not limited by your own wherewithal. Don’t’ say “I can’t afford it.” Or “I can’t afford to hire the best team of advisors.” Or “I can’t afford to patent my idea.” Or “I can’t afford to launch this company.” Or “I can’t afford to grow this company.” Or “I can’t afford to take my idea big time.”

Say, instead, “How can I do it?” This question opens our minds to possibilities and opportunities that our eyes don’t see. And one – though a many-faceted – answer to “How…” is by use of Other People’s Money and Resources. Do you still think you have to be rich to make money? Do you still think that a down economy can keep you down? The answer is in this book. It’s up to you. Now take action!!

The ePill
Subtitle: Prescribed Employment For Today’s Entrepreneurs
by Michael Paul Valentine

Entrepreneurial activity is becoming the norm. With fewer jobs than there are people, millions will turn to entrepreneurship during their lifetime. The time is now to empower today’s emerging entrepreneurs. Valentine’s practical, on time, and inspirational guide is the catalyst that will foster entrepreneurially driven growth worldwide.

The ePill is based on business planner Michael P. Valentine’s proven formula that he has implemented to help scores of people free themselves from the compromising and uncertain existence of being economically dependent on an employer. Valentine created The ePill to invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit and share with you a dose of what it really takes to BE an entrepreneur. Valentine shares the wisdom he’s gained to help you control your own economic destiny.

Courageous, vividly inspiring, and personal, The ePill is a self-help blueprint which will give you the insight you’ll need to build a successful venture. Valentine’s ePill will aid you on your travels as an entrepreneur.  Through visualization and reflection, you’ll discover the secret to bring your big idea to life, sustain it, and grow it into a healthy and successful venture. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, while reading this book, you’ll transform from dreamer to successful entrepreneur. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll discover a fresh new framework to approach building businesses in today’s market landscape. Regardless of your experience as an entrepreneur, the reward for living by Valentine’s philosophy is a more driven and unstoppable you!

Job Killers

Subtitle: The American Dream in Reverse
by Robert S. Graham

Job Killers examines the role labor unions play on the American workforce, economy and livelihoods. For years, economists have conducted studies proving labor’s adverse effect on America’s businesses and workers. Through careful research and analysis, my book, proves how labor unions are destroying American jobs and are keeping us from our right to work and offers a solid, results-based solutions proposal to getting our country and economy back on track.

Job Killers is a blend of well-researched data and a passion for seeing our country’s businesses thrive again despite unsavory economic circumstances.  Offering results- based strategies, author Robert S. Graham’s Job Killers offers realistic solutions that include eradicating a now defunct union base, which in turn, will put Americans back to work and our nation on competitive footing in the global economy. 

Job Killers examines:
  • The American history surrounding Unions – Good, bad and ugly
  • Union’s Hurt – The negative impact unions have on American Jobs and the US Economy
  • The “Wedge Model” – Removing outside destructive forces
  • Building Synergy with workers and business – Protecting the future
  • The rights of workers – Labor Laws
  • Our Right-to-Work – Job creation and our constitutional freedom

Your Kid Ate A Divot

Subtitle: Eighteen Life Lessons from the Links
by Jeff Ritter

The premise is that golf is a game that teaches lessons beyond the game itself. The book is a mixture of tips to improve your mindset to be successful in life as well as on the links. In each chapter the author, a club pro, tells humorous stories about a variety of characters that he has met during coaching sessions. The way each approaches the game is the way many approach life. Each life lesson is followed up with a golf tip. Jeff has a witty and somewhat irreverent writing style that will appeal to the next generation of golfers.  

Warning: this book not only contains tips to help you with your game, but also contains humor, edginess and lessons that will help you on the links. 

Saving America
Subtitle: Common Sense Solutions to Washington Nonsense
by Jim H. Houtz

Americans are tired of the nonsense in Washington and are demanding common sense solutions NOW. For the first time in one book, one man takes the eight biggest problems—the ones that have the power to bring sown our nation and our world—and provides answers that don’t have to be endlessly debated. He shows that what we need are decisions and immediate action.

Saving America tackles the tough issues and poses common sense solutions to…energy, health care, entrepreneurship, immigration, congress, the military, education and the economy.

Seize the American Dream
Subtitle: 10 Entrepreneurial Success Strategies
by Jim H. Houtz

Seize the American Dream is for someone who already believes he or she has a good idea, an innovative product or a useful service. It's for the person who wants to stop working for others and thinks he can do it better than the boss. It is for people tired of being downsized or squeezed out of the profits they help create. "If you already made up your mind to leverage your knowledge, contacts, skills and passions into a big pay-off, you need a wise hand to guide you," says Houtz. Indeed, readers will get a fistful of guidance by way of Houtz's experiences, as revealed in Seize the American Dream. Houtz promotes 10 key disciplines and strategies that are essential to the success of both start-ups and emerging businesses.

Growing the Entrepreneurial Dream
Subtitle: How to Take Your Business from Start-up to World-Class
by Jim H. Houtz

Something is going on right now. It's a groundswell of sorts.  Starting quietly and building momentum just the same. Can you hear it? Are you part of it?  That gentle quiet rumble is the sound of entrepreneurism. And it just might be what saves America and the world from the mess we seem to have gotten ourselves into.

What does every person in the world have in common?  Granted, there are numerous things, but few impact our lives as much as this one: We are all part of the twenty-first century and we will all continue to experience rapid change.  Change is taking place faster, as it is more widespread than at any time in the world's history. In days gone by, change meant a new dance craze, a new fashion trend, or a smaller radio-and those changes happened over the course of years. Today change happens continually. Change is crossing continents, cultures and communities and is unstoppable. In our age, opportunities for innovation have never been greater. Can you commit to go for greatness?

You Have Infinite Power
Subtitle: 10 Entrepreneurial Success Strategies
by Nick Palumbo and Rock Wollman

COMING SOON: Fall of 2010
Something is going on right now. It's a groundswell of sorts.  Starting quietly and building momentum just the same. Can you hear it? Are you part of it?  That gentle quiet rumble is the sound of entrepreneurism. And it just might be what saves America and the world from the mess we seem to have gotten ourselves into.

What does every person in the world have in common?  Granted, there are numerous things, but few impact our lives as much as this one: We are all part of the twenty-first century and we will all continue to experience rapid change.  Change is taking place faster, as it is more widespread than at any time in the world's history. In days gone by, change meant a new dance craze, a new fashion trend, or a smaller radio-and those changes happened over the course of years. Today change happens continually. Change is crossing continents, cultures and communities and is unstoppable. In our age, opportunities for innovation have never been greater. Can you commit to go for greatness?

Subtitle: Genesis: Is He Man or Fallen Angel?
by Michael Lechter

The Earthling: Was he Man or Fallen Angel…the brunt of a cosmic joke or the most powerful of demons? 

He characterizes himself as a beat up old business man with a checkered past…who likes to pretend that he's a martial artist, but in fact has spent decades sitting behind a desk shuffling papers.  But when a sorcerer from another world attempts to summon the Michael, the most powerful of demons, he awakens to find himself transported from his home on earth to the strange world of Alateel – a world of swords and sorcery.  His only hope to return home to his family is to play the part of the arch-demon and save the sorcerer’s queen.  Armed only with the magical lore from the sorcerer's grimoire – a book of spells – and his background in martial arts, he must face the real demons that hold captive the sorcerer's queen.
Devil or Angel?
Revelation 12:7-9

    And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels…

           And the great dragon was cast out…he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

But was it only the great dragon that was cast out of heaven?

Archangel Michael Red Sword had been the most loyal of Yahweh's retainers, serving his liege through the ages.  Ranking officer in Yahweh's Angels, the most proficient fighting force in all of the known universes, he was Yahweh’s right hand in the millennia long “war of forms” that pitted the progenitors of mankind against a coalition of other sentient species.  He fought at Yahweh's side in securing the Haven, a star-sized inter-mediational vehicle, and in the search for a new universe in which Yahweh could create a new home for his people.  And when S’tan and a group of rogue angels teamed with the dragon-like Saurrog to overthrow Yahweh, Michael Red Sword led the battle to defeat them and protect his liege.  Yet in the grimoires of sorcerers, Michael was named as the most powerful of demons- a creature so dire that to summon him required the expenditure of the life force of thousands, and payment to him of a life of his choice.

How did Michael Red Sword go from Archangel to arch demon?  Why did the man from earth appear in response to a summons for the arch demon?  And how did he fare in the role of the Demon?  This is their story.

Earthquake: Our Time is Up
Subtitle: Di Zhen*
by Sam Grier

Central Intelligence Agency senior analyst Rick Starr is responsible for the CIA’s China portfolio. Dr. Marly Cooper is a seismologist and world renowned expert on the San Andreas Fault.  As China prepares for what appears to be an invasion of Taiwan and earthquake activity around the San Andreas Fault heightens, the vastly different worlds of Rick Starr and Marly Cooper collide, propelling them into a high octane race against time to defeat forces designed to alter the course of history and the destiny of nations.

Their startling discovery of a relationship between events in the Formosa Strait and the growing frequency and intensity of earthquakes in California reveals a shocking plot that blurs the line between fiction and reality.

Fiction at its best, Di Zhen sets a new standard for paranoia that will appeal to even the most avid conspiracy theorists.

*Di Zhen is Mandarin Chinese for earthquake.

22 Lubianka Street
by Sam Grier

CIA analyst Rick Starr and geologist Marly Cooper arrive in Rome, Italy, to elope. Two seemingly unrelated thefts involving Rick result in the discovery of a terrorist plot aimed to wreak havoc across the world. But all is not as it appears. Sinister forces intend to use the plot for their own purposes. Rick must stop the terrorists even as he tries to prevent a hidden group from igniting open conflict. Take a wild ride with Rick and Marly as they get married in the world’s most romantic city while Rick is forced to confront the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Sam and his wife Veronica lived in Rome for 5 years. Sam’s descriptions of Roman life coupled with his knowledge of diplomacy and foreign policy give 22 LUBIANKA STREET rare and compelling authenticity.

Kana’s Quest
Subtitle: White Which Worlds
by Anthony Olheiser

In the beginning there was just God. Lonely, God created for Himself spiritual creatures He called Angels to live in Heaven with Him.  An important Angel named Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the Angels. Because of this, Lucifer grew steadily vain about himself, until one day he openly defied God.

Heaven was divided into a Great War.  Three groups emerged. Angels that kept loyalty to the Lord, Lucifer and his followers, and a third group of Angels who stood neutral waiting to see the outcome of the war.

Lucifer and his army lost, and God held trial. He sentenced Lucifer, who came to be known by Satan, and his Dark Army of Black Witches to eternal damnation in Hell. Some however begged for forgiveness and being merciful, God sentenced them to a place called Purgatory where they became the Grey Witches, Keepers of Death. The Lord also promised that one day they would see the light of Heaven again.

Those who stood neutral, for their lack of faith, God sentenced to mortal bodies and the task of watching over the Universe and protecting it from the dark power of Lucifer.  They became known as the White Witches.  The Prince of the White Witches builds an army on earth in preparation for a second war with Satan’s followers and the discovery of Satan’s son is made!

Technology Entrepreneurship

Subtitle: Value Creation, Protection and Capture
by Thomas N. Duening - Robert Hisrich - Michael A. Lechter
ISBN: 978-0-12-374502-6

Technology entrepreneurs need their own textbook. They need a textbook that focuses on issues of central importance to their unique brand of entrepreneurship. This text has been written by experienced entrepreneurship authors and teachers. It offers extensive coverage of key technology entrepreneurship issues, including:

• Introduction to basic business and economics concepts
• Venture management and leadership
• Enterprise operations and cost management
• Sources of capital and the fund raising process
• Deal structuring and equity preservation
• Intellectual property recognition, development, and protection
• Entrepreneurial strategy, marketing, and distribution
• Technology entrepreneurship as a career


Sharon Lechter

A life-long education advocate, Sharon Lechter is the founder of Pay Your Family First, a
financial education organization, and YOUTHpreneur, an innovative new way to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in our children.

Sharon helps shape the state of financial literacy in our nation and how best to promote a financially literate populous through her appointment to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. She and the 18 other members of the council were selectively appointed by President Bush, continue to serve President Obama and advise him on the need for financial literacy education.

Sharon is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, educator, international speaker, licensed CPA and mother. She has been a pioneer in developing new technologies to bring education into children’s lives in ways that are innovative, challenging and fun, and remains committed to education – particularly financial literacy.

“Our current educational system has not been able to keep pace with the global and
technological changes in the world today,” Sharon says. “We must teach our young people the skills – both scholastic and financial – that they need to, not only survive, but flourish in the world.”

Sharon travels nationally and internationally to speak on a range of topics from educating children and adults on taking control of their personal finances to the entrepreneurial business strategies she used in building international success. “Sharon’s passion for entrepreneurship is matched by her dedication to education,” says Mary Lou Bessette, a longtime business leader and former executive director of strategic initiatives at Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business. “Her personal mission is to instill financial literacy worldwide. Sharon’s writings and leadership, especially with women and children, demonstrate that she is uniquely positioned to change the world through education.

In addition to her work with children, Sharon is a passionate advocate of women
entrepreneurs and business women and often works with them to help expand their goals. She has written regular advice columns for magazines like Arizona Woman, Success and PINK magazines and speaks regularly to women’s groups around the world. Each year, in cooperation with the WPO and Sam’s Club, Sharon holds an event across the country at Sam’s Clubs with the Girl Scouts of America to teach young girls financial lessons through interactive games.

Sharon is known world-wide as the co-author of the international best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series of books. During her 10 years with the Rich Dad Company, it grew into an international powerhouse with over 20 books, board games, Websites, CDs, audio cassettes and seminars. Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been on The New York Times Best Sellers List for over six and a half years and is available in over 50 languages and sold in more than 108 countries. More than 27 million Rich Dad books have been sold around the world.

Sharon has also authored Think and Grow Rich – Three Feet From Gold in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and Greg Reid which was released in October 2009 and quickly became a National Bestseller. Future projects with the Napoleon Hill Foundation include Think and Grow Rich titles for Women and Children.

A committed philanthropist, Sharon also gives back to world communities as both a
volunteer and benefactor. In 2009 she was asked to join the Financial Literacy Council for the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). She is a member of the Business Advisory Council for the Attorney General of the State of Arizona. She has served on the Dean’s Council 100 of the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State
University and as a member of the advisory Board of the Spirit of Enterprise at the W. P.
Carey School of Business. Sharon serves on the national board of the Women Presidents’ Organization, the advisory board of EmpowHer (a Web site to help women with their health issues) and on the national board of Childhelp, a national organization founded to prevent and treat child abuse.

In 2002, Childhelp honored Sharon and her husband, Michael, as recipients of the Spirit of the Children Award. In 2004, Sharon and Michael were recognized as an Arizona “Power Couple,” and Sharon was also named as a 2005 Woman of Distinction by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. In 2009 Sharon received the Humanitarian Award from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.

Sharon graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Florida State University with a
degree in accounting, then joined the ranks of a Big Eight accounting firm. Sharon has held various management positions with computer, insurance and publishing companies while maintaining her professional credentials as a Wisconsin CPA, and a member of the AICPA.

Michael A. Lechter

Michael A. Lechter, Esq., is a practicing attorney and the author of Protecting Your #1 Asset, Creating Fortunes from Your Ideas, An Intellectual Property Handbook, Warner Books, 2001, in the Rich Dad's Advisor's series. He is Counsel to the international law firm of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP, and an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University. When asked what he does for a living, he typically replies, "I build forts and fight pirates." Michael has specialized in intellectual property law since the early 1970s.

Upon request of the House Judiciary Committee, he has submitted testimony to the Congress of the United States, and has participated in various United Nations and foreign government proceedings on intellectual property law and technology transfer.

Michael is also the author of The Intellectual Property Handbook, TechPress, 1994, coordinating editor of Successful Patents and Patenting for Engineers and Scientists, IEEE Press, 1995, and contributing author to Encyclopedia Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering, Wiley, 1999. He is a contributing author to Licensing Best Practices: The LESI Guide To Strategic Issues and Contemporary Realities to be published in 2002 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. He has lectured extensively throughout the world on intellectual property law.

When not writing, speaking, or practicing law, Michael spends his time studying the martial arts (he has black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Hop Ki Do), and trying to keep up with his wife Sharon and their three grown children.

Shirley G. Schmitz

Shirley G. Schmitz illustrious career began in an era when women were an anomaly in business. She is internationally renowned for bold, activist approaches to solving tough business issues and for her skill in anticipating future trends. She possesses extensive experience in strategic business planning, budgeting, market development, sales and acquisitions in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms.

There is no question that thousands of people have benefited from her skillful, firm direction and guidance of the years. Among her many well deserved recognitions are:
  • selection by New Woman Magazine in its inaugural issue as one of the “50 Most Successful and exciting women in America”
  • the Elizabeth Cutter Morrow Award as one of the most outstanding women in international business
  • the National Beta Gamma Sigma Achievement Award and ASU Beta Gamma Sigma Distinguished Achievement Award
  • First ever recipient of the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owner’s Angel Award
  • and for more, turn to her listings in the Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who of American Women AND Who’s Who in the World!
A proud 1949 graduate of Arizona State University, Shirley founded and was the charter funder for the ASU Center for the Advancement of Small Business… now known as the Spirit of Enterprise Center… in 1995.

In 2003, Shirley established the Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation that provides educational scholarships and training to college students that lead to them starting and operating a business. Her heartfelt mission to help entrepreneurs succeed is explained perfectly in the Foundation’s tag line: “set people on course to reshape the future of business”.

Corporate house builder. Entrepreneur extraordinaire. Benefactor. And now, in 2008, this amazing woman can add “published author” to her list of credits with the release of Guts – Imagination – Vision: Conversations with Innovators-Changemakers.

Judy May Murphy

Judy May Murphy is a broadcaster, journalist, and novelist, author of That Girl from Happy. She has a degree in drama and a master’s degree in literature, both from Trinity College, Dublin. She is also a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, the world-renowned life-coaching institute. Judy May has had an eclectic life, living in Kathmandu, Paris, Los Angeles and New York and still travels extensively every year on charity, education and journalistic missions. Over the past five years, Judy may has organized life-coaching groups in Europe and America, specializing in working with actors. She is now highly sought after for private life-coaching in Ireland and also appears regularly as a television life-coach.

Blair Singer

Blair is considered one of the best facilitators of personal and organizational behavior change in business today. Since 1982 he has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to 25 person organizations to assist them in achieving extraordinary levels of performance, productivity and profitability. As the founder and president of Blair Singer Accelerated Training, he has earned global recognition through the development of a unique high impact approach to teaching, learning and facilitating that virtually guarantees positive change and high performance. Blair's approach to success in business, is that successful organizational development occurs as a function of successful personal development. That in order to create a "Learning Organization," an organization must first learn how to learn and how to set up the right environment for learning. His overwhelming success as a facilitator, speaker, trainer and coach have been due to his breadth of experience as a leader in business himself.

Cathy Breslin    

Cathy Breslin is a counselor, hypnotherapist and master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a thriving practice in Dublin. She runs self-help seminars throughout Ireland. Cathy spent eleven years in California where she studied psychology in San Francisco, going on to develop training programs in the service industry and becoming the leading program director for the top international weight-loss company Jenny Craig. Cathy is currently studying for her doctorate in philosophy and clinical hypnotherapy. Since returning to Ireland, Cathy has become a popular radio self-help advisor on her show Body and Mind. As Chief Executive of Powerful Perspectives she deals with anger management and stress intervention in Ireland’s corporate arena.

James Lee Valentine

From England, the high-spirited James Lee Valentine is promoted as an Empowering Author Extraordinaire. He is also a dynamic and exciting seminar speaker. Making a positive difference — inspirationally' is his winning motto.

James Lee Valentine says that writing books and giving seminars are his joy in life. He always makes the best investment he can of words and wisdom, heart and soul, spirit and time, and energy and enthusiasm.

James Lee Valentine aims to make a tremendous difference in this world through his books, seminars and personal development tools & programs. These will have a profound positive impact upon the quality of life for those people who put the POWER Philosophy into everyday practice.

James Lee Valentine has an unquenchable passion for life and a great desire to experience life fully. His commitment is to design and live a life that works so well, all who see it are moved toward the attainment of maximum health, wealth, wisdom and happiness for their own lives too.

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